Friday, June 28, 2013

A Cop's Wife Dilemma

I left the Doctor's Office utterly shaken, not believing what I had just heard, not sure of what to do next. Roc was already on shift, and although I wanted to believe it just wasn't true, I knew it.
Deep in my heart, I knew.
Here's the thing: that night he caught a triple stabbing in his Sector. By the time he processed the prisoners, the paperwork...he called at some point to say that it was going to be easier to stay over. This happens every so often, so much so that it could even be called routine.
Except...this time...I was sitting on a secret, and I felt that I couldn't tell anyone before I told him. This was not a topic for a text conversation, nor could I even remotely imagine dropping this news over the phone.
By the time he got home over 48 hours later, I was a total wreck, as I had been keeping the news to myself, and still didn't know how to feel.


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  2. all of these posts hit right at home with me. I tune in everyday to hear how the story unfolds.. I am at that exact crossroad and lost on how to approach it.

  3. Well thanks so much for tuning in...I have found by veering off into this topic that there are a lot more women out there struggling with this than you would wish for you is that you find peace on either end.


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