Monday, July 1, 2013

The News

He walked in the door and immediately knew that something was wrong; of course, I had just finished crying a fresh batch of tears, and even though it was early, I was up. I hadn't slept a wink since I found out The News.
He gave me a long look of concern.
"You okay? What's the matter?"
"I'm pregnant."
I blurted it out, unable to stop myself, and then promptly started sobbing. I couldn't even look at him.
"But I thought you made an appointment with the Doctor." He was shaking his head even as the words spilled out of his mouth. Everything was happening in slow-motion now.
"I did."
"And I thought you took the last pregnancy test before..."
"I did."
"And then I thought you got your..."
"I did."
"So...?" His voice trailed off and then he cleared his throat. We locked eyes. "I thought this was over."
"So did I."

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