Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Doc

I began researching Australia and I made a Doctor's appointment. My Doctor was aware of all that I had been going through, so I had already done the research and decided what type of birth control I wanted to try next.
I was done, for sure, and felt steady and ready to walk into the next chapter of my life.
I went into my appointment and talked to the Doctor for a time. She was great, and told me that I just needed to give her a urine sample before we moved forward with any birth control. I went and did just that.
A few minutes later, the Doc informed me that the IUD Product that I was looking at would be available to me in about seven months.
"What?" I was really surprised. "I thought this was a great product! I just did a ton of research and I can't believe they have a recall already." I shook my head. " the meantime, can I go back on the Pill?"
She has a strange look on her face.
And no answer for at least a full minute.
"Stella, you're pregnant."

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