Monday, July 22, 2013

My Promise to You

As I have begun putting the icing on the proverbial cake, I thought about what I would want to say to you, my faithful readers, as I move forward into this new phase of my life.
I promise that I will not turn this Blog into a "Baby Blog." That was never my intention to begin with; but I thank you once again for allowing me to explore the depths of my emotion, the very things that led me to be who I am today...the instances that caused me to become me.
I promise that if you email me off-line I will get back to you. There have been several people not wanting to put a comment out there for general consumption, and I totally get it, as this has revealed itself to be a touchy subject.
I promise to get back to issues that effect us as the girlfriends, significant others, and wives of Law Enforcement Officers. In New York City alone, we are facing all kinds of new drama this year: a Mayoral race loaded with abysmal candidates, the ongoing debate over Stop, Question, and Frisk, the general health and well-being of our Officers, and the supreme juggling that goes on as we lead this very different lifestyle.
As with my impending motherhood, I can only promise to do just this: to do the best I can, with what I've got, every day.


  1. Just be true to yourself, that's all that matters. I have enjoyed reading about your journey, and struggles, as you welcome a child.

  2. @Chelle: Thank you so much for bearing witness to this's been a complicated, wild ride, and I will remind myself of that advice as I move forward...!
    XO Stella


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