Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Self-sufficient Ladies

I would bet money on the fact that if you were not already a self-sufficient lady when you married your cop, that you became one real fast, as that is what The Job requires.
Some of us have learned to fix things around the house in the absence of our significant other; I for one have learned how to call the guy who fixes things. I food shop, I juggle our social calendar, I remind people gently that they cannot call us on a Thursday night to see if we're free for that Saturday.
I get the mail, I send out the Birthday cards with both of our names on them, and I field general law enforcement questions from friends and neighbors.
I tell him fairly often just how lucky he is...and I think he knows, deep down, that this is a two-person operation. I don't envy him; he's on the front lines in a world gone crazy. I'm just thankful that I am self-sufficient, and that makes our time together richer.

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