Friday, November 13, 2015


Wednesday was a long day.
So was yesterday, hence the post today.
The post I needed to write because even as two days have passed, it's still on my mind...and I'm sure it's still playing on my husband's mind as well.
Wednesday Roc got called to go to the Veteran's Day Parade.This is a detail he doesn't mind; the crowd is usually well-mannered, and the weather is generally decent.
This Wednesday was rainy and cold and raw. I thought of him and felt bad for him several times throughout the day, hoping the rain would let up or the wind would die down.
More than that, he came home and told me that the parade wasn't even very well attended.
And he was sad.
And I was appalled.
He also told me that there were easily thousands more people in attendance for the St. Patrick's Day Parade, regardless of weather. And then he told me the real reason he was upset: that almost every person he interacted with had no idea what the parade was for...and that the people he interacted with kept asking him why the streets were blocked off.
He asked one woman, "Do you really not know what today is?"
He joked with a man: "The Queen of England is here visiting."
The man took him at his word, then asked Roc if he had seen her yet.
And my husband was quietly disgusted. He has worked many a Parade in NYC: cultural Parades, demonstrations, and the like. Everyone seemed to know why they were there.
And yet here he was, facing the men and women that made ANY Parade possible, and no one seemed to see the significance.
He shook a few hands, and thanked various Service Members for their Service.
They thanked him back.
And after a long, hard, cold and wet day...we toasted the troops with a glass of wine in a warm living room.
We figured it was the least we could do.


  1. This makes me so sad:( I'm happy that you and your husband appreciate our troops at least!

  2. WE DO...and I think that's why it saddened us both...!
    Thanks to your hubby as I know he served as well.
    :) Stella


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